Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yes it's summer, my time of year!

  June sort of sneaked up on me. Can't believe that the 3 months of summer are upon us. I didn't do so well with my goal of 'posting every week' last month, but, guess what, it's a new month. I can try this again! :) So, as for my progress on the online business end of things, I did really good (what I thought was good) in April, then again, any increase in sales from nearly nothing is going to be progress. But, it was encouraging. May has just been go go go... and I have found that it's a lot of work to keep updating the social media sites like the 'plans' say to do. I mean, I check facebook a lot and make comments and such, but I am still trying to figure out twitter and instagram. I know I'll get the hang of it, in time. Sales for May did increase, not like I had hoped, but, maybe my expectations are high. But, I do see a increase in traffic to my sites and in sales, so, it's all good. I'll just keep on truckin'.
  It appears that once you put your mind to 'being busy' you really start to become busy! whooo... I wanted to start slow so I didn't get overwhelmed, and things have definitely picked up. So, I have been doing multiple new t-shirt/gift designs for my shops and doing some painting. My goal is to do at least 1 or 2 new t-shirt designs a week and at least 1 or 2 paintings a month. (That might be over estimating just a little) and it might get too crazy. Especially if I ad some photography shoots in there as well.
  To keep my mind stress free I took up some container gardening, in the spring. That has been a lot of fun and has kinda taken off! I started out with a few flowers in containers in the spring as well as a small tomato plant. You can see in the photo below the tomato plant is really doing well. I learned something about my Golden Retriever, She likes tomatoes! Silly puppy. I have been posting more about this adventure on my Instagram page. It gives me the opportunity to post the photos and I've found there are a lot of others who do container gardening there.

This past weekend my husband made me a plant stand / shelves from cinder blocks (pinterest project)  that worked out really well. So now I have a place to put my container plants and they're not just cluttering up the porch area. 

And it didn't stop there, I finally got around to creating my first (I say first because I definitely plan on making more) Fairy Garden planter. I bought the plants for Mothers day, and put off planting them because I wanted to do this project which I finally got around to doing. So, below is a collage of photos from the fairy garden I put together. I have more to ad to it as I have a feeling it will be a work in progress for awhile. I just hope the little plants survive. 

  Looks like I got a little off topic for this one. That will probably happen a LOT as I go along. Anyway, like I said, it's summer, it has begun. Which here, that means temperatures in the triple digits, often well over 110 degrees. For me that means staying indoors where the AC keeps me nice and comfortable. And being in doors means I can spend my time designing and being creative. 
  I call my self a 'multi-potentialist' because I am creative and do an array of things that give me an outlet for my talent. It's been a long time coming, but, I feel good about finally being able to 'own' the fact that I am talented artist and I am good at what I do. That has been a difficult thing for me to come to.  To acknowledge and give myself credit for the gifts that I have and the ability I have to share them. I have always been secure and strong in who I am as a person, but, for some reason have struggled with accepting the fact that my skill level has value. Weird huh... Finding that place inside of me to recognize that, and allow myself to own the title of 'Artist' without the feeling of needing to make excuses why something doesn't turn out the way it should, or, isn't perfect. I have allowed myself to just accept and be. and be proud that I am talented and creative and gifted. Since this has occurred, I am just spewing out ideas and doing creative things. And now, growing plants, where before I could kill silk plants! LOL ... My husband says that I am just overflowing with life energy. I like that!  
 When I was going through my chemo treatments last year my sister had said to me that I was a phoenix, and that right now I was 'molting' ... well, I think I am beginning to rise from the ashes and regain control of my life! And I am pleased with this life / person that has emerged.  

Until next time,
see you anon!

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