Monday, May 2, 2016

How I ended up here.

Today is May 1. Happy May Day.
  How I ended up here is more than just a couple paragraph story, but, I'll summarize the good bits and leave out the blah blah blah... but, it's kind of fun and interesting.
  A month ago, I decided to do some research and learning into how to expand my art sales and branding online. I began in the first week of April. I watched some videos and read a lot of blogs and articles, (particularly helpful was from Dean Bman). I pinned a ton of stuff, followed some ideas, and directions and muddled through. I started a Main website I signed up for a twitter and an instagram accounts. And slowly began my reading and postings. During the time I was developing my Main website, and updating my POD (Print on Demand) sites and continuing my research. The whole time, I continued to  work on my T-shirt designs and artworks. What started out as a 'I'm interested in this' project developed into 'Hey, maybe this can work' project.
  I have a body of work, paintings, computer graphics, illustrations, and photography just sort of collecting, so, I thought why not try and do something more with it. I have had a Redbubble account for a few years now, and I'd made some sales in it... but, a trickle, if that. And other POD sites, have done nothing for me. But, in September I was invited to open a POD T-Shirt site on Amazon. And, 4 months later found that I was actually selling some shirts! An average of a couple a month, which is what prompted me to start doing more and looking into how to grow and create more income. I should have been 'blogging' this whole month of the adventure, because, I have been really surprised how things have grown. I have more than doubled my sales in Amazon and in my Redbubble store. and they continue to grow. So, the moral of the story is, Wow, this social network thing really works!

  Tomorrow, I am launching my new website and facebook page and begin the second chapter to this online marketing and social media adventure. I guess the long range goal is to create and develop the branding of my art and photography creations as well as my crafts and jewelry, and ultimately make sales!  Getting my name and work out there is what I have been 'attempting' to do for awhile, but, sort of in a non-assertive practically non-existent sort of way. I am not a great salesman, I would rather be creating than boasting about my work. But, after recent events of the past year, it is time to embrace the fact that I am an artist, and it's something I am good at and people like my work. So, time to get it out in front of the whole world to see.

  And there you have it. How I ended up here, as a blogger... blogging. So, welcome to page 1, post 1 of Tinymystic Arts blog. It's part of the adventure of social media 'branding' and part of me opening up and coming out of the artistic closet. I plan on posting at least once a week for now. I'll post photos from the studio, artworks in process and upcoming goings on. I can't guarantee it will be entertaining, but, I'll try to make it somewhat interesting. LOL In the mean time... you can follow me at:

See ya anon!

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