Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mid May what a Day

  Today - the date - has a definite significance in my life. Not to reflect a lot, but, on this day in 1985, I married for the first time. What a beautiful day that was, all my friends and family were there, it was an outdoor wedding beautifully decorated, the cake was amazing... everything was so nice, but, whats the saying? "Too good to be true..." LOL ... well, yea. I was young, I should have been smarter. I should have listened as my 5 month old child who SCREAMED through the entire ceremony trying to tell me something like 'DON'T DO IT!' in the only language she knew. If only I had listened...  Ahhhh life... how it ropes us in, to learn the lessons it serves up - the hard way. Fast forward 31 years later and I find myself in a much better place, (it didn't take all 31 years; only 12 to find my way out) and now I am a much wiser woman! Okay, well, enough reflection, lets get to the reality of what is going on in the present day.
  This is only my second post on my blog. I am still learning. Today I watched a webinar by Jeff Goins a speaker and author at The webinar is / was about building a better blog and a bigger audience. Very informative and I learned a lot. April was, in my view, very successful for my first month in the adventure that is learning the social media game. It is kind of a game, you have me, the subject, among all the other players. In a world that is vast and one must find their way to maneuver through it. You find your allies, create your strategies and then implement those strategies to achieve new goals. My goals for April were to build my parts or presence in this world, share my arts / talents and increase sales. I feel as though I succeeded in the basics. So, now, I am finding my allies, or, as some would say 'my tribe' and begin communications with and among the other 'tribe' members. It has been really fun to watch things grow, meet new people and build my 'tribe' numbers..
  One of the strategies that Jeff Goins talked about was what 'type of blogger are you'? That was a question that really resonated and sent me on my own little personal journey. What type of blogger am I? I like to talk and share, I like to teach, I like to educate and I am of the creative people. So there will be lots of art, photography and craft types of things going on. But, I want to contribute as well. I want to open up and find that part of me, that special part of me that I have inside, my expertise to 'gift' to all of you. I have ideas, but, not sure where that is going to lead. Jeff Goins issued a challenge and that was to find the type of blogger that I am, and what my personal expertise is to share with the world.
  So, here I am, on this 11th day in May, embarking upon another life changing journey. One that I hope will make significance differences in life, one that will lead me to discover what that special talent or expertise is that my soul has to share with the world. I'm really rather excited about this journey. And I think the greatest thing of all, inside, I feel so much better about THIS journey than I did, 31 yrs. ago... plus, my daughter is not screaming bloody murder in the background. :)

see you anon!

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